“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, usually do.”
Steve Jobs

Who are the thought leaders of tomorrow? Who will be setting the course in your company? Shouldn’t it be you? Our learning streams are designed for the next generation of game changers. The people who will make a real difference. Shaping the future success of their organizations.

Three learning streams, three different disciplines: Marketing, Human Resources and Innovation. Why? Because experience has taught us that distinctive behaviour in these three areas makes the difference. Not just in your business, but in every business. Not just now, but also in the future.

You will be submerged in the latest developments in your area of expertise. Together with 8-12 peers from your discipline. Fast-paced learning and cutting edge knowledge from leading experts. The minds shaping the future in your area of excellence.

To be the best you have to give your best

Three months of 100% commitment is a must for everybody who enters our learning streams. Your day-to-day work continues. Your learning stream continues. You will have to go above and beyond in the following areas:
  • Five evenings of self-study to master the latest developments in your discipline (from our reading lists and syllabi)
  • Six days of intense inspiration sessions with the group of your peers
  • Four evenings to explore different tactics, by cracking challenges from diverse industries in small teams
  • Private time to identify the insights that will drive your success (personal and business)
  • Quality time to select the three insights that are truly key for you. Confidently envisioning how they will shape your business. Boldly stating what you require to succeed
  • Your full focus to translate your vision into a mind-blowing presentation
During these three months you will have one-on-one coaching and 24/7 digital access to your stream leaders. This will include direct interaction with your line manager to guarantee buy-in. Your stream leader will give you the energy boost to translate your vision into tangible results. And keep reminding you to stop making sense!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Download the detailed structure and contents of our three learning streams.
  • 1. Marketing
  • 2. Human Resources
  • 3. Innovation
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